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All video footage has been shot in either DVCAM or Beta SP. It is then remastered as DV25* digital video. Film footage is mastered directly from the 35mm or 16mm camera original or reversal print as DV25 digital video using our in-house broadcast-grade telecine.

Footage can be supplied as full resolution DV25, for use in AVI programs such as Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas, Ulead Video Studio and Pinnacle Liquid Edition and as .dv (raw DV) for use on the MAC in programs like Final Cut Pro and Avid Xpress Pro or compressed as Mpeg1 for use in Power Point presentations. Users can also reformat the aspect ratio and codec using Adobe After Effects to accommodate almost any NLE system.

*DV25 Specifications: (also called DV, DVCAM, DVCPro25 or Mini-DV)

Size: 720 x 480 pixels (active video only- no sync or blanking is digitized)

Codec: DV (5:1 compression)

Resolution: 500 lines (recording)

Frame Rate: 29.97 fps

S/N Ratio: 54 dB

Interlacing: Lower (even) field dominance

Sampling: YUV 4:1:1 (luminance at D1 rate)

Chroma Bandwidth: 1.5 mhz. (same as Beta SP)

Component Type: Y, R-Y, B-Y (same as Beta SP)



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