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Single unit @ $75 Two units: $50 each Three or more units: $40 each

We try to keep our pricing as reasonable as possible given the time and care we put into shooting, acquiring, transferring, editing and color & density correcting the original material. Most of our original video clips are charged as a single pricing unit. Archival film clips can vary depending on the subject matter and length of the clip. When you open the clip window the Price Units required to purchase that clip will be shown on the top, right. If the total number of Price Units for your stock footage order exceeds three or more, multiply that number times $40 and you will have the charge, less shipping fees, if applicable.


Available Formats:

We can supply stock footage clips in any of these digital file formats:

DV25 Also known as DV, Mini DV, DVCAM and DVCPRO. This is full resolution 29.97fps, 720 x 480 @ 25Mbps digital video for importation into your non linear editing system.
.dv Also known as DV stream or raw DV, it is essentially the same as DV25 but with the header removed for use on the MAC in programs such as Final Cut Pro.
Mpeg1 A highly compressed file format commonly used for presentations in programs such as Power Point. The resolution is 352 x 240 and a data rate of 1.152 Mb.



We can accept Master Card, Visa or American Express as payment. When we receive your order we will contact you by phone and ask for your credit card number at that time. Do not send your card number to us by email. If time is especially critical you should call us before placing your order to make sure we can meet your deadline. We will do whatever we can to expedite your order, if at all possible.

Shipping and Delivery:

Priority Mail (2 to 3 day service) $5.00
Express Mail (1 to 2 day service) $15.00
FedEx Priority Overnight $15.00 - $26.00


NOTE: The delivery time and rates can vary depending on the destination. Also, whether there is a weekend involved and the day and time we receive your clip order.


If you will be retrieving your clips from our FTP site, we will send you an email link with instructions on how to download your order as soon as we have your clips up on our server. Since full resolution DV AVI files can be rather large, you will need to have high speed DSL or Cable internet access. A dial-up connection is not sufficiently fast or reliable enough for FTP access. Your clips will remain on our server for only 48 hours (excluding weekends) so it is important that you retrieve them shortly after you have received the link. 

Customer Support:

Finally, we are only as good as our customers allow us to be. If you have questions or concerns about our site, our footage, anything... call us any time. We will be happy to speak to you. The folks who run our parent company have been in the film and video business for over 29 years. They must be doing something right if they've lasted that long.




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