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Footage Bakery is a unique, new web-based company that offers quality DV stock footage that's royalty free and available at reasonable rates. We cater to the professional video and multimedia producer seeking the ordinary or the unusual. As we grow our business we can only add stock footage listings so fast. If you're looking for something specific and do not see it listed, please contact us. We may just have what you're looking for sitting in our vaults!

In the meantime, please take a moment to browse our site. Check out some of the interesting archival footage we are currently offering. You can always preview the complete stock clip from head to tail to make certain it's exactly what you are looking for before you purchase it.

Our video clips are well photographed and supplied in generous portions. None of those teenie, tiny snippets you'll find on other sites.

Our film clips are crisp, comprehensive and always made from the 16mm or 35mm films themselves... we never offer you tape copies.

We offer stock footage of subjects such as

  • Nostalgia
  • Science
  • News
  • Aviation & Space
  • Connecticut Places
    - Cities & Towns
    - Famous Sites

Bookmark this site so you will be sure to stop back soon and often. You'll never know what good things may be cookin' unless you come back for a visit.




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